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Hisomet II (DH2)

High-precision Non-contact Depth Measuring Microscope


HISOMET is a non-contact depth measuring microscope that has been specially designed based on an optical focal point detection system. Using the precise focus indicator technology, measurements of height/depth etc. are made simply by coinciding the halves of an index graticle while observing the surface of a measuring point. Highly accurate and repeatable measurements can be performed without discrepancies between operators. The Hisomet is ideal for measuring electronic components and precision devises without causing distortion or damage to a specimen.








Binocular Trinocular
MAIN BODY Stand with Built-in Power Supply for Reflected & Transmitted Illumination Yes Yes
BRACKET Coarse and Coaxial Focus Unit with Precise Focus Indicator and Reflected Illuminator Yes Yes
ERECT BINOCULAR Monocular Tube with C-Mount Yes
ERECT TRINOCULAR Binocular Tube with C-Mount Yes
X,Y Stage 505S 50X50mm travel, Stage glass To be selected
505L 50X50mm travel (with T-grooves), Stage glass To be selected
510 100X50mm travel (with T-grooves), Stage glass To be selected
510D 100X50mm travel (with T-grooves), Stage glass, Linear Scale, 2 Axis Counter 1µm reading (option) To be selected
100D 100X100mm travel, Stage glass, Linear Scale, 3 Axis Counter 1µm Reading (option) To be selected

Eyepiece NWF 1

10X/16, with G-14M reticle

Yes Yes
Eyepiece NWF 10X 10X/16 Yes Yes
OBJECTIVES PLM, PLLWDM, SPLM series To be selected
Z-AXIS INDICATOR 1µm Reading, 25mm Travel Yes Yes
OPTIONS Z-axis indicator (0.1µm Reading), Photography System, Digital Imaging System, etc. To be selected
MAIN BODY DIMENSIONS (mm) 300(W) X 419(D) X 515(H)


Download PDF - DH2 IMH

Download PDF - DH2 300(E)


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