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WM8 Multifunctional Measuring Microscope

The WM8 Multifunctional Measuring Microscope is equipped with a reflected light illuminator, auxiliary focusing function for precise height measurements, long working distance brightfield and darkfield Infinity Plan Achromat or brightfield Plan Apochromat objectives, widefield eyepieces with clear image quality and contrast.

Developed and aimed at the semiconductor industry, wafer manufacturing, electronic device industry, metallurgical industry and used as a high-end industrial microscope. Brightfield, darkfield, polarizing and Nomarski DIC observations can all be utilized. It is widely used in factories, research and educational institutions to identify and analyze wafers, FPD, circuit substrates and precision molds.








Viewing Heads

Siedentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°, Interpupillary distance: 50mm-75mm

Siedentopf Trinocular Tilting Head, Inclined 0°~45°, Interpupillary distance: 50mm-75mm



WF10X/20mm, crosshair with reticle 0.1mm/Div


Centerable Quintuple Nosepiece with slot for DIC slider



Long working distance brightfield Infinity Plan Apochromat objectives:

5X/0.15 WD=44mm, 10X/0.30 WD=34mm, 20X/0.35 WD=30mm,

50X/0.50 WD=17mm



Long working distance brightfield and darkfield Infinity Plan Achromat objectives:

5X/0.1 BD WD=29.4mm, 10X/0.25 BD WD=16mm, 20X/0.40 BD WD=10.6mm,

40X/0.60 BD WD=5.4mm, 50X/0.55 BD WD=5.1mm, 100X/0.80 BD WD=3mm

X-Y Measuring Stage

X-Y Travel: 100mm×100mm

Stage size: 286mm×286mm

Glass size: 180mm×180mm

Resolution: 0.5um

Digital Readout

2 axes, 3 axes


Green, blue, neutral


Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism. Fine

focus 0.2mm per revolution


Reflected light illumination: With aperture and field diaphragms, 12V/50W Halogen

lamp, AC85V-230V, variable light intensity


Analyzer rotatable 360°, Polarizer/Analyzer can be moved in/out of the optical path

C-mount Adapters

0.5X, 0.57X, 0.75X

Calibration Tool

0.01mm Micrometer


DIC sliders



1. UIS High-resolution, long working distance, and infinity corrected imaging technology

2. Multiplexing technology compatible with infinity corrected objectives integrated in all the observation methods including brightfield, darkfield and Nomarski DIC

3. Köhler illumination for increased viewing brightness

4. WF10X(Φ25)super widefield eyepieces, brightfield and darkfield long working distance metallurgical objectives

5. Nosepiece with slot for DIC sliders

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